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Creating Blog Using Odoo 11

Creating Blog Using Odoo 11

IjasMarch 7, 2020

How To Setup Blogs On Odoo 11 Website

Every organization will maintain a blog module to reach out to customers on a more personal interaction. You can express your thoughts on Odoo blog module and engage with visitors on your site via live chat, translate content and control social media stream. There is also many inline editors to make your content more interactive to visitors. It is very easy to use and create Blog Module on odoo with a few clicks.

To use the Blog module, check whether the Blog Module is installed or not. If is not install, install it on Odoo.

Installation Of Odoo Blog Module :

installing blog app-odoo

After installing blog module go to website module. Under sub menu Blog, click on the option blog post were we can create our own blog posts.

Blog post in odoo

Then click the create button.

click on the create button

Then we will get the options to give the blog name,title,tags,subtitle,publishing time , author name and address etc. By using tags later on we can optimize these tags as well in the SEO optimization when you are going to be pushing this specific blog post so you can put whatever you want here obviously this acts as a filtering as well as a search item later on. After specifying everything just click on the save button.

We can see some soft buttons on the right top portion that means that it connects to some other portion. So the blog feature of the website will allow you to publish when you click this button.

soft buttons-odoo


This will take you to the actual blog post obviously. Click on the edit button on the top right most corner and here you can start writing whatever you want.

click on the edit button

Now the great thing about this system is that you can drag and drop the designs to your blog post. So here you can make the blog post look really nice and try to make it as an eye grabbing one.

drag and drop designs odoo

The thing about having an impactful blog post is one obviously you have to have a good message and you have to have certain keywords that pop so when people search them on a search engine they show up. There are ways that odoo has integrated certain features that allow you to take those keywords and basically make sure that they get searched and found easier, so we have tab called promote on our website which allows you to optimize the SEO and here you can put a short description and keywords.

promote tab odoo

While adding keywords it automatically gives you related keywords that you can then add into your search so basically you are doing the optimization by adding in these words and it makes it very streamlined and very easy to use.Odoo gives you the preview of on Google search results. After completing all of these steps do not forget to hit that save button.


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