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  • XpressD makes delivery easy with its efficient delivery management system.

  • Can Assign Orders To Delivery Personnel in odoo app

  • In the mobile app, the delivery personnel can view their assigned, accepted, delivered, and rejected orders

  • Delivery Personnel can access details of their daily orders, including order statuses and a graphical representation of weekly order trends, providing insights into their delivery activities.

  • The delivery personnel has the capability to collect signatures and upload multiple images during the delivery process, enhancing documentation and ensuring a thorough record of each delivery.

  • Delivery personnel can change their online/offline status anytime.

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Secure Delivery Platform

XpressD delivery app executives are concerned about your purchased products and product security as well as precise delivery is their greatest motto. Once your products are taken by the XpressD executives, on-time notifications will be provided to the customers and once the delivery is successful customers will be notified properly. A meticulous manner for delivery management will be executed by the specially trained XpressD executives and no failures will be assured.


Secure Delivery Platform

XpressD is a user-friendly odoo delivery app for the product delivering business sectors, XpressD can be completely managed by the admin, assign the delivery request to XpressD executives, and collect the complete delivery details of every one of them easily. Once the XpressD executive picks the delivery it can be updated and once you deliver them it can also be specified. The history of the order, as well as the order to be delivered, are easily accessible. Get the fully-featured delivery app with a click.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

XpressD is a user-friendly application developed by Technaureus Info Solutions on the Odoo platform. It streamlines the delivery process for businesses, such as supermarkets and restaurants, by efficiently assigning, tracking, and managing deliveries to ensure quick and secure product delivery to customers.

XpressD helps businesses by providing a comprehensive delivery management system on the Odoo platform. It allows businesses to assign deliveries to their partners, set delivery locations and time, and monitor the progress of each delivery in real-time. This ensures timely and reliable delivery services.

Absolutely! XpressD allows businesses to easily assign orders to their delivery personnel. The app provides a seamless process for assigning, tracking, and managing deliveries, making it convenient for businesses to streamline their delivery operations.

Yes, indeed! XpressD empowers delivery personnel to enhance documentation by allowing them to collect signatures and upload multiple images during the delivery process. This ensures a thorough record of each delivery, adding an extra layer of reliability to the entire process.

Absolutely. XpressD provides the flexibility for delivery personnel to change their online/offline status at any time through the mobile app. This feature ensures better control over their availability for new assignments.

Yes, it requires additional add-onsin Odoo.

It is one time pricing based on the number of users.

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