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  • Personalized Alerts: timely notifications on personalized offers, price drops, order status, and exclusive launches.

  • Product suggestions: based on your shopping history relevant recommendations will be assigned.

  • User Reviews: Genuine reviews on products our users have written

  • Pay Easy: Cash on Delivery.

  • Smarter Search: Search using product names, categories, brands, etc.

  • Filter Products: Sort and filter functions help you to find what you want.

  • One-touch Wish list: Add products to your Wish list with just one tap

  • Share with Friends: Can share the suggested links to interesting products on Facebook, WhatsApp, and related social media.

  • Examine Closely: View products in detail with multi-perspective images.

  • Fast & secure checkout: No delay in the shopping processes

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Secure and Exact Delivery Platform.

XpressC welcomes you to the world of easy shopping. XpressC, a complete Odoo Customer App is to ease your shopping. XpressC is all about perfect shopping for every individual of their interests from the nearest possible place without reaching the store for purchases. XpressC supports different industries like FMCG firms, pharmaceuticals, hospitality, retail markets, textiles, Fashion, cosmetics, and so on. XpressC warmly welcomes one and all to the safest and easiest shopping customer App. XpressC takes your business to the online platform. Your business is never lacking in dealing with the online business, XpressC makes your sector eCommerce.


Odoo Ecommerce App

XpressC is an Odoo customer app that equally suits different industries to make their business online with the help of XpressC. XpressC is the best fit for all product selling industries like FMCG, Retail, Wholesale, Pharmaceuticals, Hospitality, Fashion, and so on. XpressC takes your business online and gains you more customers and takes your business a step ahead. XpressC is 100% Safe & Secure with its delivery and transactions. Helps the customers to get all their favorite products from home itself. XpressC the complete customer app notifies you of all great deals and offers are timely alerted to the users without hassle. XpressC offers you 100% original products, hassle-free exchanges or returns, secure payment, and the fastest delivery. The customer details are kept with high confidentiality without any kind of misusage. Get the eCommerce app with a click.

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Proper exchange and returns of products purchased,  Pay Easy, Smarter Search, Filter Products, Product Suggestions, Examine Closely, Fast & secure checkout.

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