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Get Warning When Invoicing To Specific Customer In Odoo


Arunima PFeb. 1, 2019

Invoice Warning To Customer

It is possible to restrict the creation of sales documents for customers and prompt a warning message when Invoicing To Specific Customer In Odoo. In Odoo ERP ,we can get warning on products or customer while making sales or purchase order. The Warning Messages and Alerts module enable you to configure alerts on the clients and sellers or products. Here,we discuss Invoice Warning To Customer in detail.


We can set warning  and block messages to specific customer while invoicing.

Configure your ‘Invoicing’ module.

Go to:


click on Save button and save changes.

Enable Warning When Invoicing To Specific Customer

Then go to:

Invoicing→Sales→Master Data→Customers

Select a customer and click on Edit button on the top.

Next, go to Internal Notes tab

Then you can see  Warning on the Invoice. Then set warnings or block messages to that specific customer.

Set warning when invoicing to specific customer is done.

Get Warnings on Invoices:
Let’s see how it get to that specific customer.

Warning to the specific customer

Go to:

Invoicing→Sales→Documents→Customer Invoices

create new invoice by clicking on create button.

Then select the Customer Name that set warning.

select the Customer Name

When select that specific customer you can see that a dialogue box will appear.

That is the warning box of that specific customer.

warning box of that specific customer

By clicking OK button,you can continue creating invoice.


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