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Inventory in Odoo 13


Arunima PNov. 14, 2019

Odoo 12 Vs Odoo 13 Inventory

This blog gives you a detailed view of the comparison between the Odoo 12 and Odoo 13 inventory.

Forecast Stock

New view for forecasted stock, which helps to easily find stock moves impacting your stock.

inventory overview in Odoo 13


From product views, click on Forecasted smart button and directly see over certain timeline the actual forecasted quantity.



This Feature is not available in Odoo 12.

Update Quantity/Inventory adjustment

Click on Update Quantity button or On Hand smart button in product form.


From here edit On Hand Quantity.


Or directly go to Inventory Module, Then Reporting -> Inventory Report
Select your product and edit inline On Hand Quantity.


In Odoo 12 , Update Quantity by clicking on UpdateQuantity button. It will pop up a wizard or redirect to inventory adjustment.update_quantity_on_hand_Odoo_12


An odoo implementation company in Saudi Arabia

Inventory Adjustment


Here is an option to adjust default stock to on hand or default stock to zero.
Click on Start Inventory button:

Edit Counted field

Edit Counted field and it will automatically calculate difference.Then save your changes.

 Continue Inventory

You can edit again stock values by clicking on Continue Inventory Button.
Then finally click on Validate Inventory button.


Edited lines shows here.You can also print Excel report of the lines by clicking download icon on left side.

Download products in Odoo 13 invenory

But in the case of Odoo 12 Inventory adjustment process is different from Odoo 13.



Inventory Report

Go to Reporting > Inventory Report


Click on Inventory at Date button :


Filter inventory report by date:


In Odoo 12 , when you click on Inventory Report menu pop up a window then you can choose date.




Serial Numbers Mass Assignation

Fast serial number creation in Odoo 13.

Request for quotation

This is a Receipt order for a serial number product.

detailed operation in serial number

Enter First serial number and Number of serial numbers,Then click on Assign Serial Numbers.

Assign serial numbers

Serial Numbers will be created.
Then you can also copy paste serial numbers.

Serial numbers copy paste in Odoo 13 inventory

Just copy and paste serial numbers and then it automatically create serial numbers.

Create serial numbers automatically

This feature is not available in Odoo 12.

serial numbers in Odoo 12 Inventory

You can see the mass serial number assignation in Odoo 12

Inventory Valuation Layers

Every valuation increase or decrease is logged.

inventory valuation layers

tock valuation in Odoo 13 Inventory

Create stock Odoo 13

Inventory valuation layers Odoo 12

This feature is not available in odoo 12.

Inventory Valuation

In Odoo 13 Inventory , go to Reporting ->Inventory Valuation

Inventory valuation odoo 13

Company name also shown in inventory valuation.
Click on on any product, you can see new form view. Further details about inventory value will be shows here.

Stock move in Odoo 13

Stock move of product shows here.

Stock move of products in Odoo 13

Click on Inventory at Date button to filter by date.

Inventory at date button odoo 13

After that you can select date ,then inventory valuation at specific date will shows.

inventory valuation at dates in Odoo 13

Every valuation increase or decrease is logged.

In Odoo 12 Inventory Module, Go to Reporting -> Inventory Valuation

You can see which is different from Odoo 13 inventory valuation.

Odoo 13 inventory valuation

When you click on Inventory valuation menu it will pop up a window, here you can select at a specific date or current inventory.

Current inventory in Odoo 13

When you click on any product, it will show form view of product. Further details about inventory valuation is not available.

Overview of Odoo 13 inventory


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