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Odoo 11 Tracking And Managing Of Equipment Maintenance

Odoo 11 Tracking

IjasFeb. 23, 2020

Every organization has physical assets that they must keep track of and perform maintenance on. These items can be as small as a company-issued cell phone or as large as a commercial piece of construction equipment. No matter the size or value, tracking and reporting on ownership and usage is critical to protecting organizational assets. Odoo provides a way to track and manage equipment maintenance by using the application equipment's so lets go ahead and get started.In this blog we discuss in detail on equipment maintenance in Odoo 11.

Before we jump into equipment maintenance in Odoo, the first thing I want to say is that when you think of equipment you might be thinking what classifies as an equipment. Really anything can classify as an equipment that its essentially something you just want to track. So this could be computers, cell phones, construction equipments, vehicles essentially anything that you want to track the asset who has it and whats happening with it over time.


So first install the application equipments from apps.

 equipment module installation

After installing the application goto the maintenance module on the top menu.

goto maintenance module

The first thing you will see is the maintenance dashboard  are quick links to maintenance requests for a maintenance team. If you are familiar with odoo inventory, this will look pretty familiar to you. Because it’s very similar to the operation cards that exist in inventory app.

Let us create an equipment for that go to equipments and click create button.

create an equipment

Here we can give an equipment name that is easily identifiable by a user to see what the piece of equipment is. We have our equipment categories served to group similar types of equipments together. Used by can be a department, employee or any other. Over the right hand side we have our maintenance team, technician and used in location. We can also create the maintenance team by going to

Configuration -> Maintenance Teams -> Create.

creating maintenance team

 product information odoo


Equipment Maintenance In Odoo

Then we have the product information tab. Here,we have several fields. Here your vendor field would be who you purchase the equipment from and that can be helpful when used in conjunction with your warranty date. So lets say you have a maintenance request for this piece of equipment. You can look at your warranty date. If you are still within the warranty you can see who you purchased it from. And then you could reach out to the vendor you purchased it from to see if they’ll be able to perform the maintenance request as a warranty repair.

We also have our vendor reference and our model number. These are what the vendor or the manufacturer refer to the piece of equipment as and the serial number. So the serial number : while the name is easily identifiable to a user the serial number is that specific number that is unique to every single piece of equipment.

So you can search for equipment by the name or you can search for the serial number.

maintenance tab -odoo

Under the maintenance tab we have next preventive maintenance. The preventive maintenance frequency and maintenance duration. Next Preventive maintenance means once preventive maintenance is set, following preventive maintenance will set automatically base on that. That is, when is the next preventive maintenance of that equipment. In the initial case, it will be calculate base on the effective date. One can set the frequency of preventive maintenance in a number of days. Maintenance duration is the duration of maintenance in hours.

Let us check how to create maintenance request from the maintenance module.

Creating Odoo Maintenance Request :

Go to maintenance->maintenance request -> click create button.

creating maintenance request

Here we have several options , we can give the name of the request , name of the employee who created the request and the name of the company that requests for the maintenance.Here we can also choose the equipment for the maintenance.

Basically there are two types of maintenance requests. They are :


Corrective maintenance is the maintenance support carry on an equipment upon its failure. It is simply the corrective measure against the failure.


Preventive maintenance is the maintenance support that is carry on an equipment before its failure. In other words, it is the servicing of an equipment carried in regular intervals.

And here we have scheduled date so we could say that we are going to work on this in a specific date.

We can view our maintenance request on maintenance calendar for that just go to maintenance calendar under the maintenance portion.

maintenance calender-odoo

By clicking on a date also we can create maintenance request.

Once the maintenance is in progress, the state gets change to INPROGRESS. Once the equipment gets repair, the state automatically gets change to REPAIRED. If the equipment is scrapped, the state gets changed to SCRAP.

maintenance progress-odoo

When preventive maintenance request is save, corresponding to that the next preventive date will be automatically set as maintenance request date in the equipment.

next preventive maintenance date

When preventive maintenance gets resolve, the next preventive date will be automatically calculate on the basis of preventive maintenance frequency in the equipment.


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