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Types Of SEO

Types Of SEO

Anisha M JosephJan. 2, 2019

The following are the 3 different types of SEO techniques and practices that you should know about before proceeding with SEO.

Blackhat Technique

Firstly, it's about themost careful technique which is SEO Blackhat Technique. Strategies that are forceful in nature and are not formulated mostly for the human audience but rather for search engine are by and large goes under black hat systems. A few sites are enticed to fall back on the deceptive methods for SEO and which more often breaks the norms of the main web index like google.

  • Concealed Text
  • Cloaking
  • Copy content
  • keyword Density
  • Link farming
  • Paid backlinks

White hat Technique

It is the most secure approach to support the site traffic since it follows guidelines and unique substance. It concentrates only on natural positioning.

In search engine optimization  (SEO) phrasing, white hat SEO pointing to the use of enhancement methodologies, strategies and techniques that emphasis on a human audience restricted to search engines and totally follows search engine guidelines and approaches. For instance, a site that is advanced for search engines, yet centers around the importance and organic ranking is viewed as improved utilizing White Hat SEO practices. Few instances of White Hat SEO methods incorporate utilizing keyword and keyword examination, back linking, and composing content for human readers.

Those who expect to make a long term investment on their site usually follow White Hat SEO. Also known as Ethical SEO.

Ethical Strategies Under White Hat SEO:

  • Research and Analysis
  • Competitor Research
  • Search engine optimization Friendly Website
  • Review beginning investigation customer

Gray hat Technique

The 3rd one in the types of SEO is gray hat technique. It is an illegal technique. If you utilize this system admirably, it can gain an extent of efficiency. It is essential that you have an out thought of what Gray Hat is. A few people don't utilize this method since it frequently changes. Gray Hat SEO is the act of utilizing legal strategies to enhance your site rankings. Which are morally questionable, and might one be able to turned into a gray hat today. Consider it like legitimate highs. They may be legitimate today and get you high, yet in two or three years time. You could get punished for utilizing them when the law changes to get up to speed with the new mixes on the street.

  1. Search engine optimization Squatting

Purchase up expired areas which are important to your keywords and after that include a few pages of content with excellent backlinks to your site. Ensure that the new content is in great quality. Put some Adwords on the new content and after that do some satellite SEO on it to keep up its trust rank.

  1. Make Social media accounts for your pets.

Extremely this works. Get some charming stories and pictures, at that point one day your pet builds up enthusiasm for power apparatuses, or versatility helps, or whatever site you are attempting to promote. This will make social search connects back to your site. Not against Google's guidelines to do this, but rather could contradict the web-based life that it is facilitated on. Of course, who will sue a puppy?

  1. Update your site at the standard period

Regardless of whether the content is pretty much the equivalent, in light of the fact that the code and content changes, Google feels this is new content.

  1. Add a comment box to your website pages and welcome anybody to comment.

Beyond any doubt it could get you 9 million spammers to put their connections on there, however in the event that you just support the less malicious ones and, replace their links with a rel=nofollow tag, this implies you get no back links draining your page rank, yet what you do get is loads of new content with ideally genuine content for no exertion on your part.

  1. Link yourself higher.

At whatever point you put a comment on any blog, dependably come up with an excuse to link back to yourself. While you are at it, start being exceptionally useful. Join forums where you can present solutions on other individuals issues. is an incredible one as it gets a plethora of traffic and has plenty of significant themes.

6.Charity links.

Select a couple of relevant charities, make a little gift and compose an article about the great work that they do with a link to their gift page. After that request them, they link back to you as much obliged. Paid links are possible without the google punishment.

Above all, It's always nice to follow seo white hat technique than other two. In other words, seo white hat technique is the seo supporting one. So, if you are targeting to reach your website to top, avoid all the errors in seo black hat and grey hat seo.


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