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What Makes Odoo ERP The Best POS Software On The Market?

odoo pos best pos

Neenu RobinJune 19, 2021

Now a days every retail or hospitality company has a POS system which helps the hotels, restaurants and retail to calculate their daily to monthly revenue and income. A POS system can helps the company to know what it is earning but it still fails to give the company a larger picture in terms of forecasting, inventory, supply and channel management.  Many POS applications still do not provide facilities for detailed accounting & inventory management which makes it difficult to identify the stock inventory & balances of the accounts. The results is that, there are still large number of companies which are running a number of manual processes or using more than one software systems to maintain their inventories & ledgers. The blog explains you in detail about odoo POS Software.An odoo implementation company in Kerala

 Odoo POS

Odoo POS is a best and fast growing web based POS globally.  The number of customer using odoo has covered millions over these years. With an active internet connection Odoo POS can be set up easily in any device and it remains operational even after complete internet disconnection. Thus, you can monitor every developments in your shop even if you are not physically present ; you can be connected with your employees.

Odoo has a relatively low cost of implementation. Odoo is a license free software. Any number of employees in an organisation can access odoo with a single implementation.

Odoo’s high modularity made it quite different from other POS software's available in the market.  In addition, odoo handles a range of business needs that covers project management, e-Commerce, warehouse, CRM, billing, manufacturing, accounting and inventory. All these apps are quite easy to install. Odoo seamlessly integrates all these modules.  Odoo POS can easily be migrated to an ERP which improves overall efficiency.

Benefits of odoo POS Software

1. User friendly interface

Odoo provides a simple, user friendly interface which makes it attractive and easy to use.

Odoo pos user friendly interface


2. Ease of Installation

Firstly, Odoo POS software doesn’t require any particular hardware to run. As it is a web based POS it can easily be run on any device that supports web browsers which includes industrial POS machines, desktops, laptops, iPads and mobiles. These electronic devices are readily available in the market and are easily portable. Thus, the POS works perfectly on any kind of touch enabled device, whether it's multi-touch tablets like an iPad or keyboardless resistivity touchscreen terminals.

In addition, odoo POS app is available in Odoo App center and can be installed easily with a single click.

3. Available Offline for Users

Odoo Web based POS allow user to access the system either online or offline. Any transaction happening in the system while offline will synced back to server upon re-connection.

4. POS Multi Tickets

Odoo POS supports generation of multiple tickets or receipts at same time so you won’t keep your customers waiting. However, many POS systems don’t have the facility of multi ticket generation which makes the retailers to cancel the ticket they worked on if the customer faces any delays at the counter.

5. Integrated Inventory Management

Odoo POS comes with an integrated inventory management. Any change in stock will reflected in real time at Odoo Inventory. Odoo POS is compatible with Odoo eCommerce app. In addition, a single inventory module can manage both Apps which avoids the use of multiple products list for different modules.

6. Multiple Payment Methods

Odoo POS is so sophisticated to include multiple payment methods like Cash, card and checks.

7. POS Product Categories

POS product category allows to categorize products solely for POS from a lengthy products list.

Moreover, this will be helpful for resellers to keep their products and services to be maintain in a single product list but the POS products will be categorized separately.

Odoo POS helps in organizing products with hierarchical product categories and different product variants can be added.

8. Cash Flow Tracking

Odoo POS helps to track cash flow on each sales counter based on sessions / shifts. Moreover, it maintains the records of user of each session.

9. Cash Control Feature

Odoo POS supports cash control feature which shows the amount available in the cash drawer at the time of a new session opening. Thus, the cash can be recorded in their denominations.

10. Sales Offer Management

With Odoo POS we can provide customer prices or offer discount based on single product or for the complete order. Thus, odoo supports sales offer management

11. Loyalty Management

With Odoo POS we can manage loyalty programs for customers. As a result, based on their purchases retailers can reward their customers with points or gifts which attracts more customers and increase sales.

12. Reports

Another feature of Odoo is its Reporting. With Odoo we can generate reports of sales based on different criteria like sales per day, sales per week, sales based on sessions, sales based on user etc. These reports helps to analyze sales.

13. Odoo POS with restaurant management

Odoo POS with Restaurant Management integration makes Odoo POS suitable for restaurants.

Odoo POS with restaurant Management


Restaurant management contains different useful features like Split bills, Table Management, Kitchen order printing, Multiple customers handling etc.

Moreover, restaurant table management feature give an overview of number of tables available, number of seats available, number of seats filled.  This feature can tracks the seats filled and seats available.

Odoo Pos with rest management table


Odoo ERP - The Best POS Software

Integration of POS with ERP always give the retailers as well service based business people a good organised view to their sales, stocks and revenue. As a result, it helps in reduction of waste and increase in productivity. An ERP System helps to automate automate sales, purchase, inventory, accounting through a single system. As a result, this avoids the use of more than one software systems to manage different departments in the company. It is possible to reduce lots of data entry works. Now a days, a lot of ERP software's with POS management are available in the market. But what makes Odoo ERP the best out of it is its number of unique features.

  1. License free model - so that unlimited number of user can use it
  2. Web based Software.
  3. Cost effectiveness.
  4. Easy Modules Integration.
  5. Simple User Interface.
  6. Modules Customization.
  7. Good Community Support.
  8. Support On-Premises and Cloud Hosting.
  9. Multi Company management.

In short, with the number of customers using Odoo, it is understandable that Odoo used by a lot of people around the world regardless of the size of their organization. Odoo’s user friendly platform always comes with new applications that enhances the overall performances.




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