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Write Off in to multiple accounts at Payment - Odoo


Technaureus Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd.Sept. 19, 2016

By default, Odoo gives you option to choose only one account At payment for write off the remaining or balance amount. We developed an app for Multiple Accounts Write Off Payment in Odoo. This app facilitate the user to write off the amount in to multiple accounts at customer / supplier payment.  This app gives option to user whether to write off into a single account or multiple account. So it helps to manage accounts efficiently and in a proper way. In such  way, it helps to generate the exact report of the payment related ledger.


If it is into single account, then the whole balance will go to single account. If it is into multiple account. User can select multiple accounts as well as they can input the percentage of amount into different accounts.


When you confirm / Validate the payment, system will check that the payment difference amount and sum of write off amounts are equal or not. If not, it will not allow you to complete the payment and it gives you the warning.


This app will be very useful especially if we want to apply withholding tax in to different accounts.

Once you complete the validation of payment, related accounting entries also will be generated.

An application for Write Off in to multiple accounts at Payment in Odoo is developed by Technaureus Info Solutions a software company in Calicut and ERP implementation partner mainly focuses on Odoo ERP Services such as Odoo implementation, Odoo customization, Migration, support, Odoo E-Commerce Development, Odoo POS Development etc.

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