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The PANIFIC Success Story: Elevating Premium F&B Brands to New Heights

Company Name: Panific
Industry: Distributors of premium F&B brands
Location: Accra, Ghana
Odoo Version: 16 Enterprise


About Panific


Importer and distributor of frozen foods, gourmet foods, and wines. To bring quality food products to market, Panific collaborates with the greatest food manufacturers in the food service business. They ensure that products are available where and when consumers need them by using extremely advanced logistics, temperature-controlled warehouses, and in-depth local knowledge.


Challenges Faced By Panific


Panific previously faced difficulties with an inadequate software system that hindered their operations. The system lacked functionality, resulting in inefficiencies, manual workarounds, and limitations in managing their sales, purchase, and inventory processes effectively.


Technaureus(TIS) Support and Implementation


Seeking a comprehensive solution, Panific sought the expertise of Technaureus and TIS. Technaureus and TIS collaborated with Panific to understand their pain points and requirements. After careful analysis, they proposed implementing Odoo's Sales, Purchase, and Inventory modules, tailored to Panific's specific needs. The modules were selected for their comprehensive features, scalability, and ability to streamline operations.

Technaureus and TIS successfully introduced Odoo's Sales, Purchase, and Inventory modules to Panific, providing them with a powerful and integrated solution for streamlined operations. The collaboration addressed Panific's challenges with its previous software, delivering improved efficiency, enhanced data management, and better decision-making capabilities. The partnership exemplifies the value of tailored solutions in driving business success and facilitating growth in the F&B industry.