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Streamlining Multi-Company Operations: Royal Signmat's Success with Technaureus ERP Implementation

Company Name: Royal Signmat Trading Company
Odoo Version : 15 Enterprise
Server : On Premises
Business Vertical : Retailer / Wholesaler

About Client

Royal Signmat Trading Company is all-in-one center for signage materials and tools in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.With the expertise in the sign making and signage materials trading for over 25years, we have evolved as a leading stockist and retailer of all products related to signage industry in the Saudi.

Royal Signmat Trading Company’s products cater to outdoor signage, building signage, indoor and directional signage, events, exhibitions, advertising, promotional products and fabricators.

An established company with 5 branches along with one acting as the headquarters maintaining their trading business. We treat this multiple branches as multi companies & a holding company as Parent Company in Odoo environment, so they can use consolidated financial reports for multiple branches.

Challenges faced Royal Signmat on previous product,

1. POS cashier Access Restriction
2. POS Printing Paper format
3. Inter Company&Intra Company Inventory Transfer
4. E invoicing and Taxation

Technaureus - Implementation Methodology

Technaureus helped Royal Signmat to integrate their business operations into Odoo ERP that streamlined their varied business functions. Royal Signmat need to manage their inventories, payrol management, accounts and accounting reports, sales & purchases and consolidated reports of multiple branches.

Apart from defualt Odoo, we have done 20% of customisations in some user access visibility in POS, Accounting and Inventory sections. Also other small customisation done on POS printing and Invoice printing outcomes. We made frequent
communications to understand their complete requirement and challenges. Finally, Odoo comes to the assistance result.

Main Apps implemented: Accounting, Invoicing, Sales, Inventory, POS, Purchase,Employee & Payroll.

Number of Users: 15


Odoo's implementation improved the running of the multi-company management while also reliability in data level. Both the management and the workforce profited from the advanced operational capabilities and tools.

An Outflow of Positive Results

1. Royal Signmat can manage the accounting information for their branches and other information directly from the parent company by Multi Companies Management & all of their businesses can be managed from a single environment and one central platform, providing unity for their entire operation.

2. They can now create several sets of reports based on their needs, and they have the option to add more filters to make the process easier.

3. Effective & Advanced management of Inventories, Masters.

4. Company to Company transfer management.

6. Easy to manage Documentation & everything can managed from a single environment.

With efficacious customization and proper implemantation by TIS, Royal Signmat was able to effectively manage the functioning of all the aspects of their organization.With a handful of quality solutions from TIS, finally, we had let Royal Signmat reach its potential.