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July 10, 2019

CATCHW8 version 2.0 released!!

CATCHW8 ERP, a complete catch weight management erp releasedWith the years of proven experience in ERP implementation, Technaureus released next version of our product CATCHW8 V2.0 a complete catch weight management erp, with the maximum efforts of our CATCHW8 team. Thus, Our plan of releasing the next version on wards...With our decision of being different in the industry...We exhilarated with the adaptivity of this software to any of the business area's...

Moreover, our CATCHW8 software is compatible with the leading international ERP-Odoo. And is suitable for any of the industries such as Meat industry, Fish Industry,Dairy industry, Vegetable Industry,Poultry industry. In addition to these food sector, it is applicable to Steel and paper Industry Jewellery, Pharmaceutical & chemical industry etc...Our CATCHW8, the complete catch weight management erp software solution will definitely Catch your mind & there only we become fulfilled with this product. ...

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