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Madin Academy
Feb. 1, 2023

I.Con Ma'din Intellectual Conclave 2023

I.Con - Ma'din Intellectual Conclave 2023 is planned to be conducted on  February 3,4,5,2023. Madin Academy is the organizer of I.Con - Ma'din Intellectual Conclave 2023. As a leading educational institute, Madin Academy has a strong reputation for promoting learning and knowledge. This is the most significant event in the field of education and research, bringing together leaders from different areas to share their ideas, insights, and knowledge.
"The Future of Digital Transformation and its Impact on Society" is a session at the I.Con - Ma'din Intellectual Conclave 2023. This topic will explore the advancements in digital technology and how they are shaping and changing different aspects of society. Discussions will center around the advantages and challenges of digital transformation and its effect on different fields, such as business, education, healthcare, and more. The session aims to provide insights into the future of digital transformation and its potential to bring about positive change in society. 
Jasad Moozhiyan, CEO of Technaureus Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd is invited for the Panel discussion on the topic "The impact of digital transformation on enterprise". As an experienced ERP & Digital Transformation Consultant,
Mr. Jasad Moozhiyan would have extensive knowledge and experience in the field of digital technology and he would be well-equipped to speak on the subject and share his perspectives on the current trends and future developments in the field.




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