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  • Configuration of TRN for company, customers and suppliers.

  • Configuration of VAT place for company, customers and suppliers.

  • TRN and VAT place in invoices.

  • Independent tax group for each taxes.

  • Reverse charge applicable or not.

  • Simplified tax credit note.

  • UAE Taxes(standard rate and zero rate) and its ledgers.

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1. Date of implementation: January 1, 2018

2. VAT rate: 5%

3. What exempted: 100 types of staple food, and other essential service sectors such as healthcare and education

4. What are not: Electronics, smart phones, cars, jewellery and watches, eating out and entertainments

5. Inflation fears: It will have minimal impact on residents with less appetite for luxury goods, services and lifestyles. It will not stoke inflation for the common man as vital household expenditure items are exempt from its ambit

6. Common man: While the impact of tax on property transactions will limited to the wealthy or those above upper middle income group, a likely hike in the cost of financial services will hit the common man. VAT will also have an effect on the buying power of tourists as they will have to pay duty tax again on certain goods in their country of origin

7. In this year through VAT UAE generated a revenue of approximately Dh12 billion.

8. Tax returns, data, information, records and documents must  submitted to the authority in Arabic. The FTA may, however, accept documents in any other language, as long as the person provides a translated copy in Arabic at their expense and responsibility, if so requested.

9. Registrants must include their Tax Registration Number (TRN), in all correspondence and transactions with the authority or with others. They must also inform the authority by filling the form of any circumstance that might require the amendment of information related to their tax record within 20 working days of the occurrence of said circumstance.

10. Each taxable person must also prepare tax returns for each tax period and for each tax while being registered. They must then submit the tax returns to the authority and pay any payable tax as specified in the tax return or any tax assessment within the time limit. The authority reserves the right to turn down any incomplete return.


Odoo UAE VAT ERP software

It is nice to have a VAT Software in Odoo. As Odoo have the capacity to provide all UAE VAT requirements, this will be very simple and easy UAE VAT software for small and medium companies. The user can scale any time the odoo system by customization to meet any requirements.. The ERP Included all vat reports and financial reports.Technaureus the No1 ERP implementation partner which provides the services mainly on Odoo ERP (formerly open ERP) Odoo implementationOdoo customization, migration, and training. Team Technaureus developed an application for UAE Vat in Odoo by our dedicated team work. We also developed the VAT software for BahrainSaudi Arabia etc.

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Odoo UAE VAT ERP software

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