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Odoo Razorpay Integration


AjazJune 25, 2024


Razorpay is a premier fintech platform providing seamless online payment solutions. It supports various payment methods like cards, net banking, UPI, and wallets, making it easy for businesses to integrate secure and versatile payment options into their systems.Its API-driven architecture allows developers to incorporate sophisticated payment functionalities effortlessly into their applications and services.

Razorpay in Odoo 17

In Odoo 17, integrating Razorpay enhances payment processing by allowing businesses to accept a wide range of payment methods directly through their Odoo ERP. This integration provides a streamlined solution for handling transactions, real-time payment tracking, and automated financial reconciliation, improving both operational efficiency and customer experience within the Odoo environment.

Configuration on Razorpay Dashboard


1. Generate API Keys:

Log into the Razorpay Dashboard, navigate to 'Settings' → 'API Keys', and generate new keys. Copy the 'Key Id' and 'Secret Key', and save them securely for later use in Odoo.

2. Set Up Webhooks:

Go to 'Settings' → 'Webhooks', click on 'Create New Webhook'. Enter your Odoo database URL appended with '/payment/razorpay/webhook' in the Webhook URL field (e.g., ''). Fill the Secret field with a password of your choice and save it.

3. Enable Webhook Events

Ensure the following checkboxes are selected: 'payment.authorized', 'payment.captured', 'payment.failed', 'refund.failed', and 'refund.processed'.

4. Finalize Webhook Setup

Click 'Create Webhook' to complete the configuration.

Configuration on Odoo

1. Enable Razorpay Payment Provider:

Navigate to the payment provider Razorpay and change its state to Enabled.

2. Fill Credentials

.In the Credentials tab, fill the Key Id, Key Secret, and Webhook Secret with the values you saved during the Razorpay Dashboard configuration.

3. Customize Settings

Configure the rest of the options to your liking to match your business needs.


Integrating Razorpay with Odoo 17 offers a robust payment processing solution that supports a wide range of payment methods, enhancing the efficiency and convenience of financial transactions within your business operations. By following the outlined configuration steps, you can ensure a smooth and secure payment experience for both your business and your customers.

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